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Individual Career & Life-Style Consultations

"A winner makes commitments to a goal, a loser makes promises."[Anon]

The personalised program offers individuals a service relevant to both professional and personal lives. The consultations provide expert information on a range of issues and motivation to achieve sustainable results using life-coaching tools.

The programme is structured over a number of consultations with our career and life-style consultant, who will assist the employee or individual assess their status, in relation to well-being, work and life goals. Using coaching tools, a snap shot of the individuals' current situation is compiled. Resulting from this an in-depth personalised plan is then devised looking at objectives in both the short and long term. The session clarifies individual goals and AFRESH supplies the support and expertise to facilitate the individual moving forward.

Throughout the corresponding consultations, AFRESH and client work to tailor a plan to achieve results in as short a time as possible. Each individual is equipped with tools and strategies to enable them to achieve results.

These Career and Life-Style programs are offered to employees and individuals in the following examples:

  1. Company restructuring where staff need to consider new options
  2. An innovative benefit to attract and maintain key staff
  3. Post workshops for further information or motivation
  4. Post annual appraisals where employees may need assistance in either personal or professional issues such as career path development, self esteem building etc.
  5. In conjunction with EAPs to assist in managing stress, bullying etc
  6. For individuals who require assistance in making positive changes in their lives