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Individual Testimonials

A.C: Senior Female Business Consultant In Major Blue Chip International Company, Early 40s at cross-roads in career and life.

"Despite having a successful if somewhat stressful career, a great family and wide circle of friends and no financial worries I was not entirely satisfied with my life. There were things I wanted to change - in some instances I knew what they were in other instances I was uncertain. Working with Deirdre helped me clarify exactly what these were. They ranged from whether or not to accept a new job promotion right down to living my life the way I wanted to and not according to the expectations of others. Our sessions together enabled me to stand back and look at options which to date I had not even considered simply because I was too close to the issues or just felt I could never achieve it.

We set clear goals and used a variety of tools and techniques which enabled me to pursue some of these options. Where Deirdre could not help me she referred me to a relevant member from her panel of experts. I now feel that I am more in control of my own destiny and less stressed. Understanding what was really causing stress and more importantly being able to do something about it is invaluable. I know now that I am on my way to achieving my long term goals. At all times I felt completely secure with Deirdre. Her genuine concern and warm manner made me completely comfortable and motivated me to achieve so much during our sessions together. If like me, you have so much to be thankful for yet feel there is something else you would like to achieve in your life, its worth while having a chat with Deirdre."

CB: Bride To Be, Late 20s, Marketing Manager, Hospitality Industry

"For the last year I had been very unhappy with my weight and was generally feeling pretty tired and very moody. I had tried lots of diets in the past and none of them worked for me long term, I began to loose more and more confidence and felt that there was no way to break out of the cycle I had got caught up in. I came to see Deirdre and we worked together on the AFRESH weight management program, which was unique in its approach as it looked at all facets of my life. I had given almost given up and was weary of yet another diet plan. I went to one of her team of experts who tested me for food allergies. To my surprise I discovered that there were certain things in my diet which were causing some of my problems and have since been able to cut out. After I cut these things out of my diet I instantly noticed a difference.

Deirdre and I talked in-depth about bad eating habits, what triggered them and discussed practical ways to overcome them. We worked together on an exercise plan which suits me and for the first time I thoroughly enjoy it. I found it great having somebody who could offer me down to earth practical advice, was great fun to work with and motivated me when things got tough. I find I am now in much better form and have lots more energy. I am not always counting calories but I have simple easy to follow guidelines that I can incorporate into my everyday life, guidelines that make sense and you can follow without having to make drastic changes. I know this is not another fad diet but rather a long term life-style change. I am confident that Afresh has equipped me with the tools I need to ensure I continue enjoying the benefits for the rest of my life. Anyone who is fed up trying to manage their weight and has low energy levels should give it a try, you have noting to loose but a lot to gain and you will not believe the change it will make to your life."